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Everything is completely handmade.

In the production of the watercolors, I used only three primary colors (red, yellow, blue), black and white pigments. None of the colors were made with ready-made pigments. The pigment ratios of the watercolors I have prepared for professional use are very high. I used very little binders and fillers. I also prepared the pans in which the paints were put by pouring them into molds one by one and sanding them.

In short, all my art paints and other materials I use are truly purely handmade products..

Coloring Pages

Adults & Kids Coloring Pages and Books

Coloring pages that I have prepared for those who are new to painting and those who like to paint as a hobby. You can access the downloadable and digital file formats of the coloring pages that I have prepared for all adults and children from the "shop" tab.


about me.

I graduated from Bursa Zeki Müren Anatolian Fine Arts High School in Turkey. Then I continued my education at Bodrum Academy of Fine Arts. I graduated from both painting and sculpture.

I would like to earn my money by selling my sculptures, paintings, dry color drawings and charcoal pencil drawings at my stores. I also make myself all the paints and materials that I use for my works. I add them as products. If you want, you can also buy handmade watercolor paints, oil paints, dry paints and plaster molds.

I would like to increase my own knowledge and technical capabilities while earning my allowance. And I want to share them with beginners and help people who are interested in painting and sculpture. In addition, I will share the trainings I prepared while doing all my work on my website very soon.



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